Tiba Vroom convincingly makes it to the finals at the Bouldering Nationals 2018

photo by Vincent Lee Photography

Last Saturday, July 7th, the National Championships Boulder 2018 were organised in the Apollohall in Amsterdam. Fifteen women and twelve men qualified through their results at the national qualification competitions. West Coast PRO climber and member of the National Youth team Tiba Vroom (18) who has been attending some World Cup tournaments during the last couple of months, was eager to find out how she compared to her Dutch peers. In the semi-finals she climbed strongly and self-confident, topped all four problems, and qualified for the finals in the third place. In the evening the finals took place. The routebuilders had done an excellent job and had prepared 4 challenging routes for both women and men. Until the third problem Tiba’s results equaled those of her largest competitors Julia Meijer and Vera Zijlstra. At the third problem Tiba unfortunately could not hold on to the end-hold long enough, thereby losing her potential podium position. “I became frustrated and did not take the time to analyse the fourth problem enough” said Tiba afterwards. She ended fourth. It is generally known that it is always difficult to make the transition from youth to adults. For Tiba it is a good result to build upon the coming year! Well done!

Dutch Youth Championship Boulder 2018

Saturday April 21. 2018 MONK Boulder gym in Rotterdam

Yesterday the National Youth Championships 2018 were held in Boulder gym MONK in Rotterdam. The athletes, divided in three age groups (Junior 17-18 yrs, A 15-16 yrs, B 13-14 yrs, C 11-12 yrs) and by gender, battled hard to obtain the champions title of the Netherlands. In the former factory hall located at the Ceintuurbaan a spectacular set of competition boulders had been built. Their difficulty turned out to be high, since some were only topped by 2 or 3 climbers!

The athletes had qualified for this national championship through their results in four preceding competitions in Groningen, The Hague, Enschede and Arnhem. Climbers that ranked 1 through 8 after these matches qualified to participate.

In the category “junior boys” Don van Laere was best (Jong Oranje, Team Delfts Bleau). Best “junior girls” was Julia Meijer (Jong Oranje, MONK Eindhoven). Best boys A: Jens de Louw (Jong Oranje, Team Mountain Network), best girls A: Pleun Frank (MONK Jeugd Amsterdam). Best boys B: Ynze Visser (Jong Oranje), best girls B: Lies van Raaij (Team Delfts Bleau), best boys C: Ferbe Verburg, best girls C: Noor Witte (Team Kids from the Block).

From the West Coast Climbing (WCC) team Paul Brand (boys B) and Lisa Klem (girls B) both were second best in their categories. Jouke Visser (boys C) won bronze! Hidde Bakker and Torben van Kolfschoten ended 6th and 8th respectively in the boys A group, with very tough competition from seasoned climbers Jens de Louw and Leto Cave.

This year the Dutch Climbing association (NKBV) introduced a team ranking competition, which was won by the West Coast Climbing team led by Jörg Franken. In the qualification competition the West Coast Climbers earned 1216 points. The MONK Eindhoven team (1169 pts) was second and Team Mountain Network third (1069 pts).