Two tops 4 Tiba!

Two tops and three zones! Excellent performance by Tiba at World Cup Munich 2018

Last weekend August 17-18, 2018 the last World Cup event of the WC series 2018 (of 7 WC’s) took place in Munich. The Olympia stadion had been transformed to a amazing climbing arena. The people of Munich and many others from all around the world, including a substantial amount of Dutch supporters, had filled the stadion to watch the spectacular climbing match! An amazing number of 231 athletes from 37 nations particpated in this nail-biting exciting game of bouldering!
WCC athlete and member of the National Team Tiba Vroom, one of only 3 Dutch participants, climbed extremely well. She topped in the qualification rounds two times, and reached three zones. With her 18 years she has started joining the World Cup series this year for the first time. It is clear that she is growing in the tournament with constant improving results in the WC’s at Meiringen, Moskow, Vail and finally Munich. In none of the previous WC’s she had been able to top a boulder, and now there two tops! That magical limit has now been taken! Congrats to Tiba and her coach Jorg Franken! Next weekend August 31-Sept 2 Tiba will compete for the last time in the junior female group in the European Youth Champonship Boulder in Bruxelles.

Rock solid results of WCC climbers Paul Brand and Tiba Vroom et EYC B in Sofia

Last weekend, July 21/22 2018, the European Youth Cup Boulder competition was held in the Walltopia Climbing Center in Sofia, Bulgary. WCC climbers and members of the national Youth Team Paul Brand (male B) and Tiba Vroom (juniors) traveled to Bulgary with the Dutch National Team. In Pauls category there were 43 competitors. With his solid 6 tops and 8 zones Paul qualified for the finals. In the finals he ended 5th. In the European ranking overall Paul is now listed 5th of Europe! Tiba had 23 competitors in the female juniors group. She climbed strongly and topped 5 times and reached 9 zones. Doing so, she was best of the dutch women, leaving Ysa Rakestraw with 4 tops 8 zones and Julia Meijer with 3 tops and 9 zones behind her. With her 13th position however she just failed to qualify for the finals. Tiba ranks 12th in the overall IFSC EYC ranking.

Both Brand and Vroom will climb in the European Championships of this year on August 31-Sept 2 in Bruxelles. Tiba will also be climbing in the World Cup in Muenchen on August 17-18.  We’ll be looking forward to these event!s Good luck to the both of you!

pictures by Yanne Golev

Tiba Vroom convincingly makes it to the finals at the Bouldering Nationals 2018

photo by Vincent Lee Photography

Last Saturday, July 7th, the National Championships Boulder 2018 were organised in the Apollohall in Amsterdam. Fifteen women and twelve men qualified through their results at the national qualification competitions. West Coast PRO climber and member of the National Youth team Tiba Vroom (18) who has been attending some World Cup tournaments during the last couple of months, was eager to find out how she compared to her Dutch peers. In the semi-finals she climbed strongly and self-confident, topped all four problems, and qualified for the finals in the third place. In the evening the finals took place. The routebuilders had done an excellent job and had prepared 4 challenging routes for both women and men. Until the third problem Tiba’s results equaled those of her largest competitors Julia Meijer and Vera Zijlstra. At the third problem Tiba unfortunately could not hold on to the end-hold long enough, thereby losing her potential podium position. “I became frustrated and did not take the time to analyse the fourth problem enough” said Tiba afterwards. She ended fourth. It is generally known that it is always difficult to make the transition from youth to adults. For Tiba it is a good result to build upon the coming year! Well done!

Dutch climber Paul Brand in finals at European Youth Cup Lead (male B)

Uster, Switzerland June 29-30 2018

West Coast Pro climber and member of the national youth team Paul Brand qualified for the finals at the European Youth Cup lead climbing which were held in Uster, Switzerland, last weekend.

In the first qualification he climbed really well: only the Austrian climber Thomas Podolan performed better than he did.
In the second qualification Paul had some more difficulties, however, overall he ended up 6th in the ranking for the finals.

In the final Paul misread a sequence and slightly injured his shoulder. He ended 10th. It has been 5 years since a Dutch climber qualified for the finals in this youth B group. Remarkably, that was Pauls brother Mark Brand, who ended up in the finals two years in a row in 2012 and 2013. Paul will also be competing at the European Cup Boulder in Sofia, Bulgaria July 21-22 of this year. We wish him all the best of luck!


Hidde Bakker second at Cubism XL- Summer edition

Saturday 23rd of June 2018 Cube bouldergym in Enschede organised their XL Cubism Summeredition. XL it was, with 51 boulders to climb! West Coast PRO climber Hidde Bakker (16 yrs) patiently set out to conquer these boulders one by one! Hidde flashed 40 boulders, topped 49 in total. With 138 points he became second after Nick ten Hoopen (145 points). Both of them were way ahead of the numbers 3 and beyond (96 points or less). Although the number of people competing was low, it was a fun day with lots of new experiences and a good atmosphere.

One “down”, three to go! Paul Brand first at National Youth Competition Lead qualification 1

Last weekend, June 17th 2018, the National Youth Competition Lead opened at the Klimmuur in Rotterdam. West Coast PRO Climber and member of the Youth National team Paul Brand (boys B) convincingly defeated his competitors and finished first in both selection routes and the final route! He was the only climber in his category that actually topped the final route, whereas the competition didn’t reach higher than the 12th hold!

On July 1st the second qualification will take place in Sittard. We are proud of Paul and look forward to the next qualifications!

Foto by Fleur Beerthuis.

West Coast Climbers dominate in Monkey Mania 2018

Last Saturday June 9th, three West Coast PRO athletes, i.e. Hidde Bakker, Lisa Klem and Gianna Evers, crushed the competition at the fourth edition of the international open Monkey Mania 2018 tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany. In a crowded Monkeyspot 35 boulders had to be conquered in a max of 6 hours time. Hidde topped 34 of them (26 flashes), only missing the hardest boulder of all, which no one was able to top! With 1150 points, he ended second in the adult competition of 134 men, just behind Nick ten Hoopen, a worthy competitor, who ranked TOP7 at the Dutch National Competition in 2015 and 2016.

Gianna Evers, who has only recently joined the PRO team, collected 995 points with 28 tops (23 flashes) and 4 bonuses, the most of all 54 women, and became first!

Lisa Klem, who competed in the girls under 14 group, was the best climber in of all juniors, with 26 tops (25 flashes) and 6 bonuses she collected 975 points. Lisa would have become second, just after Gianna with her number of points, if she had competed in the women’s group.

It was a warm afternoon and the athletes have been sweating a lot! Luckily outside the gym all kinds of salads, other food and a barbecue were offered, and one could sit and enjoy the day. They had a great day however, and are looking forward to Monkey Mania 2019 already!

Paul best Dutch climber at EYC Boulder

West Coast PRO Climber en National Youth team member Paul Brand finished third in the category boys B last weekend at the European Youth Competition Boulder in Delft, the Netherlands, the best result of all the Dutch participants and his first international titel!!!

In Pauls category boy B 39 boys climbed. Paul qualified ranking eight on Saturday. The results of all climbers were very close to each other, which could be seen also in the finals. With the Bouldergym stuffed with a hot and enthousiastic audience Paul topped boulder 1 and 2 fairy steadily, in only 5 attempts. At boulder 4 he almost reached the top, but he certainly got the bonus. Boulders 3 and 4 were pretty difficult, and only the french winner Paul Jenft topped them all.

In the qualifications several members of the West Coast Climbing team contested apart from Paul: in the girls B category Lisa Klem competed, who had earned her start ticket by finishing second at the National Youth Competition last April. In the girls junior category Tiba Vroom, also a member of the National Youth team, participated. Lisa, for whom it was the first time at an international tournament, did not qualify for the finals, she obtained a respectable 27th place (out of 41 climbers), best Dutch result in her category. Tiba reached the finals neither, with a 13th position out of 18 competitors.

Bouldergym Delfts Bleau hosted the European Youth Competition Boulder, which is is a series of competitions in different European cities organized by the IFSC. Youth climbers from 26 different European countries first had to qualify by climbing their best on 8 boulders on Saturday. The ten best contesters in each of six categories were selected for the Finals on Sunday. In total 21 Dutch climbers participated in the qualifications: 12 of the National Youth team and 9 who had earned a wild card by excellent performance at the National Youth Competition in april.

Paul, who was 15th in the EYC Boulder in Graz, also participates in the European Lead climbing. Recently he climbed this competition in Voiron (France) (29th place) and in Imst (Austria) (25th place).

Photography: Sytse van Slooten 

Paul Brand cruises 7th grade routes in France

West Coast PRO climber and member of the National Youth Climbing team Paul Brand worked hard on his ticklist during the May holidays. With his family, he spent his time in the area of the Mont Ventoux in France. There are some amazing climbing spots over there, especially at St-Léger-du-Ventoux. It is a gigantic area full of overhangs, roofs and tufa’s. And pretty hard climbing routes!

Despite the good weather, many of the routes were unfortunately still wet, which can be expected however since this is how the tufa’s are formed! Paul added an impressive series of routes climbed to his list:

FFMeuh, 7c+ (St Léger / Face est) Second GO

Moby dick, 7c (St Léger / Andalouse) Second GO

L’assiette 7c+ (St Léger / Face sud)  Second GO

Magne ton cul, pas ma voie 7b+ (St Léger / Face est) Onsight

Destruction 7b+ (Orpierre / Chateau) Second GO

En chaussons sur la tete a Kojak 7b+ (St Léger / Face Sud) Onsight

Rahan, fils de Crao 7b+ (Baume Rousse / droite compétition) 2nd Go

Oraison funèbre 7b (Ubrieux / mammoth cave)  Onsight

Tourt tout dûr 7b (Baume Rousse / Central) Second GO

Beurk 7b (Ubrieux / Lou Passo) Second GO

Une épineuse opération 7a+ (St Léger / Face est) Onsight

Jamais deux sans trois 7a+ (St Léger / Face Sud) Second GO

Brise les chaînes 7a (Malaucene / Le Groseau)

Excellent job Paul!


First time in Bleau and climbing 7b+!!


West Coast PRO athlete Hidde Bakker enjoyed his first time ever at Fontainebleau this weekend! Hidde who only started the bouldering sport one a a half years ago, had been eager to go to Bleau already for some time.

This weekend finally everything came together for a short trip! On the first day he climbed some classic problems, like la Marie Rose 6a,  La Joker 7a and la Carnage 7b+.
After a typical nights’ sleep on the crash pad, he flashed ‘Le toit du col de chien” 7a and worked hard on Arabesque 7b+ and Aerodynamite 7b+/7c,  but he definitely needs to head back soon to finish these off! Good job Hidde!


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