Meet the team – Paul Brand (is on fire!) 🔥

What does Paul do when he’s not climbing? Well…then he’s probably sleeping. Paul Brand – born in 2003 – has been climbing since he was four years old and climbing is pretty much all he ever does. In 2016, at age 13, he became Dutch Lead Youth Champion. He’s managed to advance to climbing 7c+ (lead) and 7b (boulder), and is hungry for more. Look out world: Paul is on fire!

Inside outside

“I really want to continue pursuing both lead and boulder climbing. That’s why I train five times a week in different training locations in the Netherlands and throughout Europe”, says Paul. So he’s not your typical indoor-kind-of-athlete. Together with his parents and older brother he often travels to (or vacations in) special outdoor climbing spots, in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. Recently he climbed his first 8A, as he conquered Dr. Feelgood in Margalef.
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Be cool: stay in school

Paul is currently the third year of high school (HAVO) at the Berlage Lyceum in Amsterdam. And of course, he’s working hard to graduate, hopefully, two years from now. It is, like for anyone that wants to achieve great things and also have a personal life, a battle for time and attention. But for Paul: so far so good!
In 2016 he joined the national youth team ‘Jong Oranje’ and he’s also contended in his first international competitions. In Graz (European Youthcup Boulder, April 2018) he finished 15th in a highly competitive field, flashing two of his boulders. What’s in a name? Paul’s on fire!


Fun = good!

“My only problem? I don’t think I have one! Although perhaps I can be somewhat of a fanatic at times. But that’s part of who I am. I just try to have as much fun possible while becoming better at what I do. That’s why it’s so cool I can train together with and alongside actual friends of mine, and with an amazing trainer. That’s what matters to me the most: the fact that I can do all of this hard work, and have fun along the way”.