Meet the team – Paul Brand (is on fire!) 🔥

What does Paul do when he’s not climbing? Well…then he’s probably sleeping. Paul Brand – born in 2003 – has been climbing since he was four years old and climbing is pretty much all he ever does. In 2016, at age 13, he became Dutch Lead Youth Champion. He’s managed to advance to climbing 7c+ (lead) and 7b (boulder), and is hungry for more. Look out world: Paul is on fire!

Inside outside

“I really want to continue pursuing both lead and boulder climbing. That’s why I train five times a week in different training locations in the Netherlands and throughout Europe”, says Paul. So he’s not your typical indoor-kind-of-athlete. Together with his parents and older brother he often travels to (or vacations in) special outdoor climbing spots, in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. Recently he climbed his first 7c, as he conquered the famous Stromasfall in the Dolomites.
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All eyes on Tiba & Isabelle at the IFSC World Championships

That’s it: the IFSC Youth World championships are finished. And what a tournament for West Coast Climbing it was! Both Tiba Vroom (boulder) and Isabelle van der Heijden (lead climbing) did an amazing job, especially considering the fact that for both of them it was their first ever Youth World championship. Both our girls finished in the top 25, leaving their calling card at the world stage.

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Tiba takes home the bronze @EYC!

West Coast top talent Tiba Vroom won a fantastic third place at the European Youth Championships Boulder (juniors) in Sofia today. In the finals, she topped all 4 boulders in a fluent style. With 9 attempts, she finished right behind Sterrer and Holfield, this year’s best junior climbers.

This bronze medal proves that Tiba has made a big step towards the international top athletes, as she can now say she’s amongst the best youth climbers in the world. On September 1st, Tiba is entering the World Youth Championships Boulder in Innsbruck, and she can’t wait! “I’m really pleased that all the hard work I put in with my coach and fellow teammates is now paying off. I’m fired up for Innsbruck and proud to represent my country!”


West Coast Climbing @NK Boulder – Tiba wins silver medal

Tiba Vroom won the silver medal at the Dutch Championships Boulder yesterday. Half a year ago, she also reached a second place at the Dutch Championships Lead. Tiba is the only Dutch female climber who managed to climb the podium on both occasions.

The finals were both very exciting, and very close. Julia Meijer, the 2016 champion, Kim van den Hout and Tiba were the main candidates for the title. Julia topped the first boulder in three attempts. Tiba topped the second boulder in two attempts and took over the lead. Then Kim van den Hout flashed the third boulder and became the new Dutch champion.

A proud Jörg Franken (head coach): “This silver medal is a great result. I’m very proud of Tiba. In the last couple of months, she suffered from injury, but she kept on training very hard. She is much stronger now. I look forward to Tiba’s performance on the international stage”

Another noteworthy West Coast Climbing result was achieved by athlete Vincent van den Berg. He finished 9th, with a great performance.

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Trevor ticks his first 8A boulder!

Trevor Vermoolen went on a climbing trip to Spain with his buddy Lencho Palstra and visited the boulder area Crevillent. Here Trevor sends his first 8A: La Bestia Parda. Trevor also crushed some 7C’s and 7B’s. So far Trevor particularly climbed classic seventh grade boulders at Fontainebleau. Check his ranking. He is really psyched about climbing the next level.

Congrats Trevor!

Trevor sends La Bestia Parda 8A
Trevor sends La Bestia Parda 8A

Photo by: Robert-Jan Palstra

Flashback 2016!

We look back on a very successful first year!

We trained hard and with much fun in Kunststof, Delfts Bleau and Mountain Network. The results speak for themselves.

Four Dutch youth champions! And Tiba Vroom (17) became second in the Dutch Championships lead (seniors). She became Dutch Youth Champion in both Lead Climbing and Bouldering. She also became fifth in the Dutch Championship Boulder (seniors) and twentieth at the European Youth Championship Boulder. Over all, she was the best performing female Dutch youth climber.
Isabelle van der Heijden (13) and Ynze Visser (13) became Dutch Youth Champion Boulder. Paul Brand (13) Dutch Youth Champion Lead.
Trevor Vermoolen (16) became second at the Youth Championshop boulder and Vincent van den Berg (18) reached the fourth place at lead.

We started training two evenings per week at Kunststof, sometimes alternating with Delfts Bleau. In summer, Isabelle and Paul joined our team, which led to an increased need for lead training.
As of September, training has been extended to three evenings, two in Kunststof (boulder) and one in Mountain Network Amsterdam (lead). Isabelle and Ynze also regularly train on Sundays with Suzanne van der Sluis at De Klimmuur Amsterdam.

Unfortunately Lencho Palstra decided not to proceed with West Coast Climbing. Myrthe van de Pol has been injured for almost a year, but she’s back on track with the team since December.

A lot has happened at the sponsor field also. Right from the start Boulderhal Kunststof, Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau and Mountain Network Amsterdam offered free entrance. Since several months Tenaya Climbing provides our team with excellent climbing shoes, and recently the Spanish Sports climbing brand Trangoworld joined our group of sponsors by supplying the team with very nice sportswear. Mantle Climbing supplies us with free chalk. Thanks Igor Koot, BijzonderBuiten, for your support. We are very pleased with all of our sponsors.

Looking forward to a wonderful year of climbing and a great cooperation in 2017!!!

Tiba face of TENAYA

On Sunday, January 29, the Koninklijke Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsport Vereniging NKBV organises the Mountaineering Festival 2017 (Bergsportdag Zomer 2017) at The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Our sponsor TENAYA – climbing shoes – is present at the festival with a stand. Tenaya has chosen our young athlete Tiba Vroom as the new face of the brand in the Netherlands.

West Coast Climbing, photographer Stephan de Haas Photography and designer Peter Kuyt / Visual Friday made a poster and banner for Tenaya.

Tiba face of TENAYA Netherlands
Tiba face of TENAYA Netherlands