Paul Brand cruises 7th grade routes in France

West Coast PRO climber and member of the National Youth Climbing team Paul Brand worked hard on his ticklist during the May holidays. With his family, he spent his time in the area of the Mont Ventoux in France. There are some amazing climbing spots over there, especially at St-Léger-du-Ventoux. It is a gigantic area full of overhangs, roofs and tufa’s. And pretty hard climbing routes!

Despite the good weather, many of the routes were unfortunately still wet, which can be expected however since this is how the tufa’s are formed! Paul added an impressive series of routes climbed to his list:

FFMeuh, 7c+ (St Léger / Face est) Second GO

Moby dick, 7c (St Léger / Andalouse) Second GO

L’assiette 7c+ (St Léger / Face sud)  Second GO

Magne ton cul, pas ma voie 7b+ (St Léger / Face est) Onsight

Destruction 7b+ (Orpierre / Chateau) Second GO

En chaussons sur la tete a Kojak 7b+ (St Léger / Face Sud) Onsight

Rahan, fils de Crao 7b+ (Baume Rousse / droite compétition) 2nd Go

Oraison funèbre 7b (Ubrieux / mammoth cave)  Onsight

Tourt tout dûr 7b (Baume Rousse / Central) Second GO

Beurk 7b (Ubrieux / Lou Passo) Second GO

Une épineuse opération 7a+ (St Léger / Face est) Onsight

Jamais deux sans trois 7a+ (St Léger / Face Sud) Second GO

Brise les chaînes 7a (Malaucene / Le Groseau)

Excellent job Paul!