West Coast Climbers dominate in Monkey Mania 2018

Last Saturday June 9th, three West Coast PRO athletes, i.e. Hidde Bakker, Lisa Klem and Gianna Evers, crushed the competition at the fourth edition of the international open Monkey Mania 2018 tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany. In a crowded Monkeyspot 35 boulders had to be conquered in a max of 6 hours time. Hidde topped 34 of them (26 flashes), only missing the hardest boulder of all, which no one was able to top! With 1150 points, he ended second in the adult competition of 134 men, just behind Nick ten Hoopen, a worthy competitor, who ranked TOP7 at the Dutch National Competition in 2015 and 2016.

Gianna Evers, who has only recently joined the PRO team, collected 995 points with 28 tops (23 flashes) and 4 bonuses, the most of all 54 women, and became first!

Lisa Klem, who competed in the girls under 14 group, was the best climber in of all juniors, with 26 tops (25 flashes) and 6 bonuses she collected 975 points. Lisa would have become second, just after Gianna with her number of points, if she had competed in the women’s group.

It was a warm afternoon and the athletes have been sweating a lot! Luckily outside the gym all kinds of salads, other food and a barbecue were offered, and one could sit and enjoy the day. They had a great day however, and are looking forward to Monkey Mania 2019 already!