Hidde Bakker

Date of birth: 18-04-2002
Residence: Hillegom
Start climbing: 2016
Discipline: Boulder
Category: A
Competition results: 6th at NJK 2018 (qualified as 4th) 1st at Boulders & Beats 3rd edition 2018 2nd at Monkey Mania 2018 mens competition
Ticklist boulder: Carnage 7b+ FB, France La Joker 7a FB, France Not to be taken away 6c (Peak district)
Proudest climbing moment: On my first day ever in Bleau I topped Carnage 7b+
Favorite gym: Boulderhal Energiehaven
Favorite climbing areas: Fontainebleau and Peak District
Favorite boulder: Not to be taken away
Other activities: studying piano
Future goals: To climb an 8A boulder to reach the podium at the NJK
Sponsors: Mad Rock Europe, Nihil Clothing, Bouldergym Kunststof, Bouldergym Energiehaven, Vertigo