Is. Why. We. Climb.

The talents of West Coast Climbing represent tomorrow’s generation of lead and boulder climbers in the Netherlands. They wake up every day ready to move mountains and climb them. Each training they push themselves to go harder, become better, move faster, feel stronger. They’re a bunch of young savages. Ask their coach. They won’t give you a reason as to why they do what they do. They will just smile, show you a couple of skinned knuckles and say: This.

We’re just getting started

We’ve only just begun and already West Coast Climbing has accomplished so much. In 2016, our top talent Tiba Vroom (17) became Dutch Youth Championship Boulder and Lead. She reached an amazing 2nd place in the Dutch Lead Championship (senior). This year at the Dutch Youth Championship Boulder 2018 Lisa Klem (13) conquered second place, just like Paul Brand (15).  Moreover, the West Coast Climbing team won the team ranking competition 2018! And the list goes on.

Next stop: Tokyo

Our dream: The Olympics. Guided by Jörg Franken, we train harder, better and more often than ever before. So guess where we want to go?