Training program

West Coast Climbing is top sport. Athletes become contenders by training harder, more often and more effective than everyone else, especially their competitors. West Coast Climbing believes in putting in countless hours of training and a combination of intensive personal coaching, room for individual differences and training in different training facilities.


Our coach Jörg Franken has developed a unique professional training program, which consists of team practice as well as individual programs. We believe in a severe, strict and systematic approach to training, focusing on maximum performance at (international) competitions. For example, we started with PUC training schedules, designed by Patxi Usobiaga, coach of Adam Ondra.

We train and coach our talents 3 – 8 times a week in various training facilities in the West of Holland. Some of them train twice a day. In addition, our talents train once a week with Jong Oranje (Dutch youth climbing team).

Training on the campus board

Motivation is key

Because of their youthfulness, all of our athletes require constant personal care and guidance. Coach Jörg Franken continuously coaches, corrects and motivates them, providing them with everything a young professional athlete needs. Meanwhile, he maintains a good relationship with the athletes’ parents.

Monitoring progress

We use Sportlyzer, an online athlete tracking system, to monitor their progress and adjust their workout schedules accordingly.