Group training

Are you a climber or coach looking for the most efficient way to raise your climbing level? Our group training does just that. Fired up by Jörg and your fellow climbers you will push harder, feel stronger. We offer a variety of training camp styles to suit your needs.

▲Basic training

Improve your basic skills in a cycle of 4 – 8 training group sessions. Tailor made. For example: working at personal goals, improving weak points, training dynamic moves and specific strength training. See prices

▲Systematic training

A cycle of 3 months very hard and systematic training:
1. strenght and fitness, preparing every muscle on a period of hard training
2. very hard training, improving strength and technique
3. preparing for optimal performance (competition or outdoor climbing)
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▲Bleau Training Camp

Want to go to Fontainebleau with your friends and climb next level? Ask Jörg for a tailor made indoor training program, including coaching in Bleau. Improve your level indoor, improve your tick list outdoor!
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