Personal coaching

Personal coaching by coach Jörg Franken is the best way to improve on a specific set of climbing skills in an efficient manner. At the same time you will work on the mental part of the game, an aspect not to be underestimated. See prices

“Training with a personal trainer like Jörg is inspiring and has proven to be a most effective form of coaching. Jörg helps Tiba set realistic goals, designs custom training programs for her and guides her, every step of her way.” (Ben Vroom, father of Tiba Vroom)

Online support

West Coast Climbing uses Sportlyzer, an online Athlete Development System, designed specifically for gaining insight into the progress of the athlete. In Sportlyzer, developments are recorded by the coach, the talent and potentially the parents. The system gives you detailed insights into your progress, providing you with data 24/7, online and via an app on your phone.

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