Two tops 4 Tiba!

Two tops and three zones! Excellent performance by Tiba at World Cup Munich 2018

Last weekend August 17-18, 2018 the last World Cup event of the WC series 2018 (of 7 WC’s) took place in Munich. The Olympia stadion had been transformed to a amazing climbing arena. The people of Munich and many others from all around the world, including a substantial amount of Dutch supporters, had filled the stadion to watch the spectacular climbing match! An amazing number of 231 athletes from 37 nations particpated in this nail-biting exciting game of bouldering!
WCC athlete and member of the National Team Tiba Vroom, one of only 3 Dutch participants, climbed extremely well. She topped in the qualification rounds two times, and reached three zones. With her 18 years she has started joining the World Cup series this year for the first time. It is clear that she is growing in the tournament with constant improving results in the WC’s at Meiringen, Moskow, Vail and finally Munich. In none of the previous WC’s she had been able to top a boulder, and now there two tops! That magical limit has now been taken! Congrats to Tiba and her coach Jorg Franken! Next weekend August 31-Sept 2 Tiba will compete for the last time in the junior female group in the European Youth Champonship Boulder in Bruxelles.